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Founded by the Global Resilience Institute in collaboration with Germany’s Fraunhofer EMI, GRRN is a global membership network of researchers and practitioners collaborating to apply interdisciplinary knowledge to support resilience across multiple sectors. GRRN is comprised of  leading universities, institutes, non-profit organizations, and companies from around the world engaged in resilience research that informs the development of novel tools and applications.


Aligned with our objectives, the Global Resilience Research Network has several ongoing initiatives around the world that strive to enhance the resilience of communities and inform decision makers about the benefits of evaluating and prioritizing resilient systems and infrastructure. One such example is the Island Resilience Initiative (IRI). The IRI was formed as a network within GRRN, linking together research centers, non-governmental organizations, institutes and universities in the Antilles and the Bahamas around a shared vision for informing and advancing the preparedness of island peoples and the transformative potential of their societies in the face of mega-storms, rising seas and long-standing structural challenges heightened by global warming and systemic change.

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Network Benefits

The Global Resilience Research Network offers researchers and practitioners at member institutions a multitude of benefits, including exclusive opportunities for collaborative research and information sharing online and in person.

Collaboration Database

The GRRN maintains a database of publications by members and current resilience research initiatives. Members have access to shared files that enable them to easily connect with fellow resilience researchers around the world, and collaborate on new proposals and publications.

Monthly Newsletter

Every month the GRRN shares research highlights from partners around the world, new publications and initiatives, opportunities to participate in interdisciplinary resilience conferences and events.


The annual GRRN Summit brings together leading resilience experts from 30 major universities and research institutions from 22 countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North and South America. Powerful stories are shared by distinguished practitioners who have recently been on the front lines of managing some of the 21st century’s most catastrophic disasters.

The next summit will be hosted by GRRN Partner, RMIT University, School of Property, Construction, and Project Management. We are closely monitoring COVID-19 developments and will provide more information on the next summit as soon as possible.

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Advancing Resilience Across the Globe

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