CapZone Chief Executive Officer Al Puchala

CapZone Impact Investments, LLC, the first national Opportunity Zone investment platform, announces its commitment to the Global Resilience Institute’s Corporate Network, as its inaugural partner.  The Global Resilience Institute (GRI) at Northeastern University is a university-wide, interdisciplinary institute committed to advancing the security, sustainability, health and well-being of communities and societies around the world. GRI’s mission is to solve the world’s most pressing resilience challenges in all forms, from slowly emerging disruptions to shocks and sudden disasters.

“We are honored to be GRI’s first corporate partner as we embed resilience into our investment and business practices nationally at enterprise, community and project levels,” said Al Puchala, CapZone’s Chief Executive Officer. “Correctly building the nation’s first ESG plus Resilience investment ecosystem is our priority. To effectively deploy human, financial and intellectual capital at scale into 8,700 low income Opportunity Zones throughout the nation will require an comprehensive approach, strengthened by our partnership, that will have far reaching effect in multiple sectors, such as affordable housing, sustainable infrastructure and job creating companies,” Puchala added.

Left to right: GRI Founding Director Stephen Flynn and CapZone Chief Executive Officer Al Puchala

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act enacted in December 2017 created a nationwide investment program through Opportunity Zones, which are low income communities in designated census tracks selected by Governors of every U.S. state.  Through investment in Opportunity Zones, taxpayers will become eligible for capital gains reductions or exclusions.

GRI’s Founding Director, Stephen Flynn, stated “We are pleased that CapZone has become an important partner to GRI. The alignment of CapZone’s and GRI’s values strengthen our commitment to finding long term solutions. We look forward to collaborating with CapZone as it integrates ESG investing with GRI’s resilience expertise and champions the business case for resilience,” Flynn added.

Founded in 2018 as an innovative investment model to redefine American capitalism by converting profits to purpose, CapZone Impact Investments, LLC, the first national Opportunity Zone investment platform, is developing Opportunity Zone projects and other Environmental, Social and Governance plus Resilience investments for Social Impact at scale.  CapZone brings together human, financial and intellectual capital to invest in low income communities to solve seemingly intractable problems throughout the United States.   Kimberly Lake, CapZone Chair,  stated, “private equity investors, expert lenders, universities, social impact philanthropists and all Americans are invited to join the CapZone ecosystem and work together to rebuild an ESG + Resilient minded America.”

About CapZone Impact Investments LLC

CapZone Impact Investments, LLC sources and deploys ESG investment capital in US Opportunity Zones, at scale.  CapZone is the first national Opportunity Zone investment platform, focused solely on large-scale and resilient ESG investments that benefit low-income communities.  For community leaders, CapZone provides equity capital that helps finance affordable housing, creates jobs, and renews underserved communities.  For investors and foundations, CapZone delivers ESG investment opportunities, at scale, with significant tax advantages.   For lenders, CapZone provides equity financing to strengthen their loan portfolios.  For more information or to join the movement, visit www.capzoneimpact