There are no doubts that COVID-19 has caused many deaths and created a decline in the economy of the world as a whole. The truth is, there are still some advantages when it comes to the environment. There are a quite number of benefits that are of obvious effects on the ecosystem. Five benefits of COVID-19 on the environment include:

  1. Better atmospheric condition: Since nobody is expected to move around even to ply the roads with cars, the condition of the atmosphere has been greatly affected positively.
  1. Balance in the ozone layer: With a decrease in the use of oil, a healthy atmosphere is guaranteed for all and also for the already affected ozone layers.
  2. Increased good health rate: The recorded cases of health issues, globally, are mostly connected to poisonous gases that are inhaled. So, if these gases are out of the way then we are sure that we can boast of good health for all age ranges.
  3. Reduction in human pollution: The number for people on the road will determine the level of waste that is being disposed along the road and this has drastically reduced.
  4. More oxygen for all: Time away from technologies that endanger our health. Now, we can enjoy the good oxygen from the plants that are not being polluted by the gases that emanate from all the devices.

Although the environment as a whole has shown to be drastically improving, there is an essential COVID-19 factor, the face mask, that has caused waste and pollution during these times. According to The Guardian, there are more masks than jellyfish. Divers have found dozens of gloves, masks and bottles of hand sanitizer beneath the waves of the Mediterranean, mixed in with the usual litter of disposable cups and aluminum cans. The quantities of masks and gloves found were far from enormous and the discovery hinted at a new kind of pollution.

We are all trying to cope with the new normal and the adjustments that come with it. But it is important to keep in mind that while we must be resilient to protect ourselves from the virus, we must also protect our oceans and environment. We can also use reusable masks and opposed to single use ones to play a role in saving our planet. Keep in mind that when we are done using our masks and gloves, we must dispose them appropriately and efficiently.

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6/27/22 Update

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