Following an October 2016 trip to meet with public and private sector officials in London, Brussels, Vienna, and The Hague, the Global Resilience Institute continues to refine its draft findings and recommendations on recalibrating maritime transportation and cargo security requirements to make them more capable of enhancing the security and resilience of the global supply system. Led by GRI Director Stephen Flynn, this MacArthur Foundation-funded project, is engaging key national and international government and industry leaders with the specific goal of developing recommendations for the new U.S. Administration to inform its approach to global supply system security and resilience.

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Specifically, the GRI team has met with and solicited feedback from officials at the UN 1540 Committee, the IAEA, the U.S. Coast Guard, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Energy, the White House National Security Council, the World Customs Organization, multiple private sector stakeholder advocacy organizations, and leadership teams of the world’s top port terminal operators and shipping lines.

In an effort to bring additional private and public voices to the table, the Global Resilience Institute will travel to Hong Kong and Singapore in February 2017 for a series of workshops and meetings with industry leaders and experts at the University of Hong Kong and Nayang Technological University in Singapore.




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