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Flood risk (from rainfall, rivers, and coastal inundation) is growing, driven by the combined impacts of expanding settlement boundaries and climate change.  These are exacerbated in some cases by unwise land zoning and lax code enforcement.  The trend is stressing existing approaches to managing flood risk in many ways.

ARISE-US is therefore hosting a web-based symposium on “Strategies for Flood Risk Reduction”.   It will feature public and private sector experts in the field and, with active participation from the audience, will discuss the challenges and solutions to them.  The Symposium will take place on January 27th, at 1-3 pm Eastern time.

The symposium will take the form of two linked panels, and will maximize discussion and dialog, one addressing the issues and the other, potential solutions.  As with other ARISE-US symposiums, the Symposium will initiate a program of actions as applicable from discussion in the symposium itself.

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