Distinguished Senior Fellow Event

Join Distinguished Senior Fellow, Richard Mroz, via The Resilience Partners Network as they bring together those who manage & protect #criticalinfrastructure. Join Richard for their inaugural Network event – a streaming video presentation and virtual meeting – on August 30th. During this event, Richard and other guests will discuss how industry and regulators partner to deliver resilience measures, harden infrastructure, and plan for response and recovery from a severe events.

Mroz, Richard | Global Resilience InstituteRichard S. Mroz, Esq. has a long and distinguished career in law, government, and public service. His experiences are as a regulator, lawyer, lobbyist, banker, consultant and thought leader on issues including energy markets & technologies, cybersecurity, water & wastewater policy, and infrastructure development & financing in various industries.

Mr. Mroz is the immediate past President of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) serving as chairman and chief administrative officer of the agency and functioned as the chief energy officer for New Jersey. He was President of the NJBPU from October 2014 until…..

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