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Why is a global problem like climate change is so hard to tackle?

During the COP26 climate justice event in Glasgow, Jennie Stephens, Director for Strategic Relationships at GRI, participated in the Women and Gender Constituency where she provided, her thoughts towards the disappointment in wealthy countries who continue to prioritize profits and investments, in ineffective technological innovations, that contribute to climate change over investing in the social, political, and economic innovation that is so desperately needed for climate justice.

The press release featured above from the Women and Gender Constituency features more of Jennie Stephens’ thoughts as well as her colleagues in this Constituency.

Apart from that, Jennie was also part of a panel on “Understanding Networks of Climate Obstructionism” where she attended the panel with Saleemul Huq, Director of the International Center for Climate Change and Development at the Independent University of Bangladesh.

Saleem has also worked with Laura Kuhl, Faculty Affiliate at GRI in which he helped to speak to Northeastern students who had the opportunity to attend a pop-up class about the need for climate adaptation funding as well as the frustrations of countries in the Global South who are not given an adequate platform during global policy updates concerning climate justice at the COP26 event.