Peter Wiederspahn in News@Northeastern: Student Architects Lead the Way on a New Wave of Campus Furniture | Global Resilience Institute

Students in the course spent the first half of the semester designing pieces of furniture that could be added to outdoor spaces to foster a sense of community. During the second half, they created four teams, combined their ideas, and worked with the university’s facilities department to design and build full scale pieces that were installed on campus.

Those projects, which went from digital designs to tangible furniture in the College of Arts, Media and Design makerspaces, can be found on Centennial Common, Richardson Plaza, between Ryder Hall and Ruggles Station, and, as Aoun discovered, next to ISEC.

The course was introduced this year as an option for architecture students who would normally spend a semester abroad. Worldwide restrictions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 made such travel impossible this year.

But the students, as well as Peter Wiederspahn, an associate professor of architecture who ran the course along with makerspace manager Patrick Kana, hope it continues beyond this year.


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