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Every year global enterprises experience incidents that upset their operations, resulting in delays and added costs that can affect their mission, service levels, and profitability. These include supply chain disruptions, cyber-attacks, workplace violence, and extended critical infrastructure outages associated with extreme weather events and other natural and man-made disasters. Leveraging the expertise from our network of researchers and expert practitioners worldwide to identify, refine, and validate resilience best practices and innovations, the Global Resilience Institute provides enterprises with the tools they need to bolster their capacity to successfully deal with disruptive threats to both internal and market-facing operations and business models. GRI experts work to devise mitigation measures, inform response and recovery, and develop adaptation procedures for when disasters strike.

Our Incident Management & Business Continuity and Recovery Solutions cover three main areas:

Enterprise Resilience Assessment & Planning

GRI experts work with enterprise leaders and managers to develop a function-focused, systems-of-systems approach to understanding how potentially disruptive threats can impact internal and customer-facing operations. The assessment identifies a comprehensive range of potential threats, the characteristics of these threats, the likelihood of occurrence, and the underlining vulnerabilities that can potentially magnify the effect and duration of the disruption. A comprehensive Enterprise Resilience Action Plan is then developed to define and prioritize cost-effective and sustainable actions to mitigate and manage such disruptions.

Enterprise Continuity and Recovery Planning

Implementing a comprehensive Enterprise Resilience Action Plan reduces risk and vulnerability to disruption of business operations. However, incidents will unfortunately continue to occur that threaten the health of companies and organizations globally. Our experts will work with enterprise management to create a detailed action-focused Enterprise Continuity and Recovery (Disaster) Plan to support real time incident management and to accelerate full recovery to minimize losses.

Comprehensive Post-Incident Assessment

Despite the best planning and incident management, disruption to enterprise operations from one or more natural and/or man-made causes is inevitable in our turbulent times. But each occurrence creates an opportunity to learn. GRI’s Comprehensive Post Incident Assessment expert teams will examine what went well and identify shortcomings in resilience planning and incident response. Lessons learned and the resulting recommendations detailing best practices for post-disaster adaptation can then inform updates to both resilience planning and enterprise continuity and recovery planning processes. The end result is increased resilience, less risk to enterprise operations, and an overall enhanced competitive position moving forward.


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