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On Monday July 20th WorldBoston hosted a webinar in which GRI’s Founding Director, Stephen Flynn, Mr. Clement Manyathela, and Dr. Atyia Martin focused on community-driven movements. WorldBoston is a convener on international topics affecting Boston and the world since 1949. The mission of WorldBoston is to foster engagement in international affairs and cooperation with peoples of all nations. The webinar “Resiliency and Equity in Community-Driven Change” focused on the expertise and experiences of the panelists, such as the end of Apartheid in South Africa and recent Black Lives Matter protests across the United States.

Dr. Atyia Martin is a Senior Fellow at GRI and the Founder and CEO of All Aces, a Racial Equity Applied Learning Partner for organizations to advance racial equity and build resilience. Dr. Martin focuses her efforts on racial equity, social justice, and social consistency. While we were able to hear from two GRI representatives, Mr. Clement Manyathela brought an international perspective to the conversation. It was interesting to hear the Dr. Manyathela’s as he stated facts but, tied them into anecdotes as well. He explained a bit of history and gave the viewers a timeline to better understand South Africa’s stance in racial inequality.

The event was moderated by Dr. Stephen Flynn, but all panelist had a chance to pinch in their ideas and thought on community-driven movements. While the panelists were answering the questions, it was also interesting to hear three different standpoints. Each of their perspectives allowed for a discussion of deep racial inequalities, especially during COVID-19, the legacy of understanding in South Africa, and positive outcomes of citizen-led movements.

If you missed the webinar that was hosted live on Monday, be sure to check it out here.