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John Plodinec, Distinguished Senior Fellow, wrote a recent piece on why our communities need to be “Future Fit.”

But, the question arises, what does being Future Fit look like?

In the piece, John shares some trends that will shape the future and how we can best prepare for it. Some of the trends we as a community should start looking out for in the coming years are rising sea levels, a prolonged tight housing market, and the current supply chain impediments which can ultimately start to lead to a much greater problem such as empty supermarket shelves.

John believes the greatest impediment to preparing our communities is the current extent of polarization within the American political left and right. With the mutual demonization between both parties, both sides can’t even agree on a simple question that really only has one answer. To be prepared for the future and to survive and thrive in turbulent times ahead, we have to move past this and work together to find how these trends are affecting our community and how your community is preparing for the Future.

John’s next post we’ll be on the exact steps we can take to help our communities become more Future Fit. Stay tuned.