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What is CInet?

Critical Infrastructure owners and operators lack a secure means to communicate with each other and with the government in the event that public networks are under threat, disrupted, or cannot be trusted. The Global Resilience Institute has proposed the creation of a Critical Infrastructure Network (CInet) to provide a separate, secure communications network for critical infrastructure owners and operators.CInet would allow the government to share classified threat intelligence with approved partners in the private sector. It could also be used to move operational communications off the public Internet and to restore communications in the event of a widespread Internet outage. Working with partners in the private sector, the Federal government, and state and local agencies, GRI is engaging in a feasibility study in the metro Boston Area and has begun preliminary technical design work.

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Robert Knake

Senior Research Scientist in Cybersecurity and Resilience
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Richard Donohoe

Vice President, J.S. Held LLC

Dr. Earl Jones

Project Advisor

Akash Patel

Cyber Research Analyst


National Infrastructure Advisory Council Securing Cyber Assets Report

In this report, the National Infrastructure Advisory Council calls for the creation of a “Separate, secure, communications networks specifically designated for the most critical cyber networks, including ‘dark fiber’ networks for critical control system traffic and reserved spectrum for backup communications during emergencies.” GRI envisions CInet as one such network.

Testimony on Maximizing the Value of Cyber Threat Information Sharing

In this testimony before the U.S. House of Representative Subcommittee on Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection of the Committee on Homeland Security, GRI Senior Research Scientist Robert K. Knake argues that making cybersecurity information sharing work requires the creation of CInet to allow critical infrastructure companies to securely communicate with each other and with the government.

FINnet Report: A Proposal to Enhance the Financial Sector’s Participation in Classified Cyber Threat Information Sharing

In this report, the Intelligence and National Security Alliance calls for the establishment of FINnet, a classified cyber threat information sharing system modeled on the Department of Defense’s successful DIBnet initiative.

Executive Order 13691 – Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing

In February of 2015, President Obama signed Executive Order 13691, granting the authority to the Secretary of Homeland Security to provide clearances to private sector companies and individuals. This authority, when combined with authorities granted to the Secretary in the Cybersecurity Act of 2015, would allow the Secretary to establish CInet without additional action by Congress or the President.


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