Post-Disaster Assessment and Advisory Team

An on-the-ground partnership with local and regional emergency responders worldwide

Northeastern’s Global Resilience Institute has assembled a group of experts with deep operational experience in disaster response. Within a few weeks of a major disaster—such as a flood, a wildfire, or a terrorist attack—GRI works with local and regional authorities to deploy a select group of those experts as an operational assessment and advisory team.

Working in ways analogous to National Transportation Safety Board teams, GRI disaster teams conduct extensive analysis and in-depth interviews about the disaster, the response, and recovery efforts. Emphasizing mitigation measures in the post-disaster recovery phase, teams identify lessons learned and share that knowledge broadly, helping prepare other communities and organizations to respond more effectively to future events. Teams also share best practices with local emergency responders to help them accelerate a community’s current, ongoing recovery efforts.

Team Members

jerry tate

Jerry Tate

harold brooks

Harold Brooks

Former SVP-International Operations, Red Cross
michelle mcqueeney

Michelle McQueeney

Gil H. Jamieson (FEMA/Bill Koplitz)

Gil Jamieson

Atkin, Thomas

Thomas Atkin

4x5 donald bliss

Donald Bliss

NFPA Vice President-Field Operations
Debra Durham

Debra Durham

warren edwards

Warren Edwards

terry ebbert

Terry Ebbert

Director of Public Safety and Homeland Security-New Orleans

Stephen Metruck

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