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Resilience Solutions

Applying Our Research

At the Global Resilience Institute (GRI), we focus on applied research that helps companies and communities to become more resilient so that they can thrive in the face of inevitable shocks and disruptions. GRI supports resilience-building efforts with these unique capabilities:


Integrated Resilience Enhancement System

To optimize the resilience of a community, civic organizations must be actively involved in formulating and supporting a shared vision for their community. We apply a practical, evidence-based methodology and process to provide communities with a comprehensive, decision-support process to guide the prioritization of its investment needs for enhancing infrastructure and community resilience.

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Integrated Resilience Action Planning for Enterprises

Companies needs to incorporate resilience best practices across their entire enterprise in order to have a competitive advantage in these turbulent times. The core of our approach is a focus on functional analysis and the systems, facilities, and financial and human resources that support them.

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Resilience Education and Training

GRI offers customized executive, management, and staff level resilience training to companies, non-profit organizations, and public-sector entities. GRI’s programs combine the latest global research with world-class education program design and delivery. The result is a workforce that is empowered to understand, prioritize, and apply the best resilience principles and solutions for managing multi-dimensional risks.

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Enterprise Resilience Solutions

GRI Works with organizations of all types to define, refine, and test comprehensive all-hazard Business Continuity and Recovery Plans that minimize impact of disruption and speed time to operational recovery. Additionally, GRI offers comprehensive Post-Incident Assessment to support building back “better and stronger.

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Vetted Resilience Technology Solutions

GRI identifies, assesses, and advises on resilience supporting technology solutions of all types. These solutions include encompass decision-support tools tailored for mitigating and managing hazards, as well as state-of-the-art analysis tools based on new approaches in data and network science.

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Building Cyber Resilience

While developing the concept of Cyber Resilience, GRI is working to design a separate resilient network for critical infrastructure operations to guard the power grid from electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) threats, as well as establish a backup network for incident response planning, and develop a Major Cyber Incident Review Board modeled on the National Transportation Safety Board.

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Critical Infrastructure Resilience

By conducting research and hosting major workshops that bring together infrastructure owners and operators, emergency managers, and major industry representatives, GRI has deep expertise in the intermodal transportation and logistics systems that positions it to identify risks and to evaluate security and resilience solutions that can be practically adopted by port operators, carriers, and logistic providers.

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